Introduction of Mitaten Finland company

The facinating world of light and color inspired us to establish Mitaten Finland 20 years ago. Since that we have strongly been involved with the development of the surface technology, design and color of the industrial products.

Design and surface quality like color and gloss are the first characteristics wich attracts the human interest for products. This is not all what is needed, a good lighting is essential..

A well designed lighting has become important all over Europe. The Comission has demanded to decrease the consumption of energy.The urban environment means technics and it is becoming more difficult for mobile citizens to act safely. To be able to meet these challenges we need new light measuring technology and instruments.

Mitaten has unprejudiced introduced to the market creative producers for light measuring instruments. The world needs companies like Gigahertz-Optik, Konica Minolta and TechnoTeam They know what light and color means for the human health and wellness and they are ready to meet the highest requirements.

We offer instruments and materials for the spectrum UV-VIS-NIR-FTIR

Besides the instruments we offer a large number of diffuse materials, paints and opal glass. We  manufacture oem parts of PTFE and Opal Glass. Indivudual color standards are also available for calibration of analyzers.

The hectic humans in cities have to read fast a lot of information from many displays in all kind of light conditions. This is a challenge for the display and measuring instrument manufacturers.



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